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Production of Laser-Welded Profiles using Start-Stop® Technology  
102. Loyalty and reliability - a key to success!  
After the anniversary celebration could not take place last year due to the corona situation, Gerlinde and Thomas Krückels were all the more pleased to be able to put the Dreistern slogan “Zämme…  
103. Advice  
Machine expert report/determination of current market value
Should you want to sell your roll forming system, our roll forming experts will be happy to determine a fair current market value with the…
104. Advice  

105. Advice  

106. Advice  
Improved performance
If required, our roll forming experts can continue to provide assistance long after the initial installation of your roll forming system. We will be happy to advise you about how…
107. Advice  
Setup time analysis
Our roll forming experts analyse your setup processes and by doing so indicate where and how your setup times can be minimised. Using the Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)…
108. Advice  

109. Dreistern is pleased about 1.000 subscribers on YouTube  
Moving pictures illustrate on the best way what our machines and systems are capable of. With more than 30 videos of most different machine concepts over the last years, we make roll forming…  
110. Roll forming: supporting the production of new vehicle structures  
Electric vehicle architectures offer both challenges and opportunities when creating strong, lightweight body structures. Dreistern’s Automotive sales manager, Christoph Grüllich looks at the current…  
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