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Rack shelves and rack rear panels

Ideal combination of functional requirements and visual demands

With our proven roll forming technology for rack shelves and rack rear panels, you combine functional requirements for lightweight and shop racks with particular visual demands.    

Modular machine systems for your requirements

The combination of our roll forming machines for rack shelves and rack rear panels with application-specific processes such as roll embossing of reinforcements, spot welding, seam welding, clinching or laser welding ensure you benefit from safe operation with high load bearing capacity, low material input, an appealing design and low costs.

The typical lower shelf or the rear panel with application-dependent edge shape, are nowadays produced on extremely flexible double roll forming machines. The setting of the bottom width is performed quickly and continuously from the control console. The roll forming tools move automatically and with high precision to the preselected width.


With our intelligent cross-section design you achieve high load capacities for minimum material input. This is just one example of our highly varied roll forming technologies for rack shelves and rack rear panels: With our modular machine system, we can prepare a tailor made system for you to match every requirement. Our engineers will also advise you in all questions relating to optimum lower shelf production and support you in profile development.

Professional roll forming machines clearly presented

Form your own impressions of the precision and reliability of our roll forming machines: The video shows you clearly some of the advantages of our roll forming systems and processes.

Examples of roll forming machines for rack shelves and rear panels

With our roll forming machines for rack shelves and rack rear panels, we offer you the perfect solution for your production. 

Roll forming machines with motorised cross adjustment

Roll forming machines with motorised cross adjustment offer you quick and continuous adjustment of the profile width and height at the press of a button. Optionally available with motorised adjustment axes for automatic adjustment of the material thickness. The standard designs are suitable for material cross-sections of up to 1200 millimetre x 1.5 millimetre with automatic material thickness and throughput monitoring systems for strip processing

  • Combined cut-off/bending technology for parts with end tilting
  • Inline bending machines for end tilting during strip processing
  • Integrated clinch, spot or laser welding systems
  • Stacking systems
  • Systems for the production and integration of reinforcement profiles (Omega)

Contact our Storage & Logistics sector experts

Each sector has its own special requirements, which is why your company too will have its own special questions about roll forming machines and processes: Our roll forming experts in the storage & logistics sector have all the answers you need!

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